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Concrete Finishes

Skilled concrete finishers can give you alternatives to the standard smooth concrete finish. Contact us at any of our three locations and we can provide you with contact information for local finishers.

 Broom Finish Concrete  Exposed Aggregate Concrete  Colored Stamped Concrete  Acid Stained Concrete
Broom Finish Exposed Aggregate Colored & Stamped Acid Stained

Concrete Sealers

Exposed Concrete being SealedConcrete sealers protect your concrete surface from a wide variety of damage including foot traffic and weather. Concrete sealers also help new concrete cure properly to its maximum strength and durability. Concrete sealers come in liquid form and can be applied easily by homeowners. Choices for sealers are generally high gloss or low gloss for the desired performance and look. Always make sure you or your finisher seals your concrete slab immediately after placement and finishing is completed on new concrete. If you have existing concrete, a sealer will spruce up the look of your concrete and protect against any further damage. Be sure to seal at least every two years for exterior concrete and five years for interior concrete. Sealers for concrete are available at any of our three locations.

Cotton Candy Machine


Cotton Candy Machine and Supplies provided at no charge for non-profit fund raising events.

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