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Enviro-Corp Recycling [A Division of United Concrete & Gravel Ltd.] produces Enviro-Grit Blasting Abrasives. 

This blasting abrasive is 100% Crystalline Silica-free and made locally from BC's recycled glass. Enviro-Grit is environmentally safe and economical.

Enviro-Grit Abrasive provides superior cutting power for removing rust and most coatings. Enviro-Grit is a leader in safety and health issues surrounding sandblasting. 

Various Grits: Coarse, General Purpose, Fine and Extra Fine.

Packaging: 22.7 KG Bags [50lb]-63 bags per pallet or Bulk Bags [approx. 1600 kgs] or Bulk Pneumatic

See MSDS Information on our website.





Western Canada

  • Manus Abrasive Systems
  • O.C.L. Industrial Materials
  • Target Products
  • Trig Industrial

Washington State

  • TriVitro Corporation
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